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Becoming A GOTMA Affiliated Provider (GAP)

Additional Information

Before we discuss this topic any further GOTMA wants you to understand that when you become an affiliated school you maintain your autonomy and GOTMA in no way gets involved in your curriculum or your business.  There are certain requirements to fulfill for our purpose.  However you have to be already applying these practices to become a GAP.  We are not an organization, association, or a governing body.

With that said, did you know if you raise money for your school and/or competition team without a 501(c)(3) certificate, the raised money is taxable to your company? As well as the donated money is not tax deducible. This includes car washes, bake sales and other typical fundraisers. That is what motivated the founders of GOTMA to create a martial arts non-profit organization. The ability to raise tax deducible donations for such a worthy cause as martial arts training and competition was the one thing always missing.  Having a 501(c)(3) non-profit certificate is now a reality to qualifying schools. Without you going through the financial and legal process of obtaining a 501(c)(3) status we have created a network for all qualified martial arts schools to join forces and increase the opportunity for students to gain the benefits martial arts offers.

GAPs are independent organizations and associations that provide opportunities for individuals to participate in martial arts activities. We help you fill the GAP between those that want to train but can't afford the tuition, want to compete and can not afford the competition, and helping the community by teaching handicable students who parents and/or guardians utilize their funds on the care and well-being of the handicable individual.  This includes new and current qualified students. GOTMA Affiliated Providers (GAP) offer martial arts instruction at their facilities. Your school, your curriculum, your company. We do not get involved in any of the operation. There are a few requirements like a having a ranking system in place, teaching marital arts benefits and a professional school. Full requirements are clearly explained in the GOTMA, Inc. by-laws.

Though not required, GOTMA also encourages GAPs to have demonstration team and competition team activities. The percentage of funds allocated for these teams can be used for training, paying coaches, equipment, \competition entry, and travel expenses.

A great benefit of being a GOTMA Affiliated Providers is your school can collect and receive tax deductible donations. Another benefit to belong to GOTMA is; Quite often and all large donors want to know how long the non-profit has been in existence and has their been previous donors.  The answer you can provide is; GOTMA has been in existence since 2011 and yes, there are large donors that have donated to GOTMA.  This is something a new non-profit has on their side.

There are two opportunities to raise tax deducible funds. One and the most effective and beneficial way is you, the school owner can raises money in your local communities for your program. GOTMA provides you with a non-profit 501(c)(3) certificate and this enables your donors to use the donation to as a tax deductible receipt. 

A great benefit to be part of GOTMA is the strength in numbers philosophy. The more members the stronger GOTMA becomes and able to encourage corporate sponsors to donate. Let face facts, most donors want exposure for their donation. With that said the second is what we call National Sponsors. 

Remember donations can be from private citizens or corporations.

The time has arrived to reach a greater audience and serve more of your community without adding financial stress on you the school owner. It is time to be able and help those in your communities that cannot afford to train or have special handicable conditions. We all have those students who financial condition changed and can no longer afford to train. That is such a difficult decision to make. Our commitment to teach, yet our financial obligations to keep the school open. GOTMA helps make that decision an easy one. If they qualify, they continue to train under scholarship in hopes the financial situation changes and that money is freed up for another student.

The GOTMA Difference

  1. GOTMA will assist you in your continued effort to bring credibility to the quality of your organization. You will have window sticker and certificate from GOTMA identifying that an agency outside yourself validates the caliber of your staff and quality of your program.
  2. We even handle the Tax-deduction certificate.  After a donor makes their donation the certificate will be mailed to them from our office.  
  3. You the GAP assists the potential student who you feel qualifies in completing the application.  You send the application to GOTMA and we verify if the student meets the qualification.  That whole process is designed to help you not get involved in the yes or no process.  This keeps you free to do what you want to do: Teach!
  4. You may ask why don't I just start my own 501(c)(3)? Our answer: The whole is greater than the sums of its parts. First it is a financial investment with accountants, lawyers and an incredible amount of paperwork for the IRS. We did that for you. The hard part is done. Now all you have to do is take advantage of this opportunity, assist in raising money, and teach more students. Second and most important is: As GOTMA grows with GAPs and the able to provide more scholarship and competition assistance, we as a network become stronger and more appealing to major corporate sponsors. National sponsors equate to those filling the GAP receiving greater funds for scholarships, you competition team, and demonstration team. In addition the GOTMA Network will provide ideas from other school owners and our team to assist in fundraising opportunities for your school.  Additional benefits to belong to GOTMA is; Quite often and all large donors want to know how long the non-profit has been in existence and has their been previous donors.  The answer you can provide is; GOTMA has been in existence since 2011 and yes, there are large donors that have donated to GOTMA.  This is something a new non-profit has on their side.
  5. GOTMA will create a link from it’s website to yours identifying your organization has met the screening and inspection of GOTMA, have been determined to provide a high quality of service and are thereby a recommended school.
  6. GOTMA will provide an application process and guidelines for financial assistance for your students or prospective students who have been identified as needing financial assistance. The application for assistance can help you by identifying that the family truly has a need and isn’t simply manipulating your generous nature.
  7. One of our current ambitions is to connect with organizations that currently service financially challenged and special needs families. We will work with them to nominate potential students for scholarship. Those students will be guided to the GAP in that particular geographical area.
  8. Your affiliation with GOTMA will assist you in gaining new students and keeping those you have. You grow, we grow!

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