GOTMA was created to help individuals Gain Opportunity Through Martial Arts


Donate and Why!

Although many of our service providers offered scholarships before affiliating with GOTMA.  GOTMA’s aim is to increase the number of scholarships available. Martial arts training facilities are often limited in their ability to accept more students with challenges.  GOTMA is dedicated to bringing quality martial arts training to as many children as possible no matter the obstacle.

GOTMA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping students to be able to train in the martial arts.  The Martial Arts provides an amazing avenue to help children and adults on so many levels. Building confidence is most likely the number one benefit.  In addition, Martial arts builds self-disciple, healthy lifestyle, modesty, focus, and anti-bullying.  As you know individuals with these attributes are formulated for success. Another important factor as to why we need more children in martial arts is, a focused student is less likely to get in trouble than those with less direction. The benefits are proven over and over to change and improve lives.   GOTMA approved martial arts teachers which we call GOTMA Affiliated Providers (GAP) quite often are great role models in their student's lives.  We know the world needs more positive role models. 

Martial Arts is a hidden gem within the United States and the world.  The benefits are boundless.  Each night school owners and teacher teach the benefits of success.  You can help us spread this incredible time-tested method of instilling the benefits of success with your donation.  Your tax-deductible donation will enable school owners to provide service to those who are not financially capable to train. A Select group of GOTMA Affiliated Providers (GAP) train those students who are handicapable.  Parents with handicapable children often are put under financial hardship. Your donation will help supplement these student’s tuition.

Corporate Sponsors and Donors will be recognized by GOTMA and GOTMA’s Affiliated Providers for your contribution to the communities of these schools and society as a whole.  


1. You can make a donation by check or money order payable to GOTMA, Inc. and send to:


5965 Stirling Road #146

Davie, Florida 33314

2. Give a check or money order made out to GOTMA, Inc. to a GOTMA Grant and Donation Coordinator. 

Please Note: 

All Grant and Donation Coordinators are listed on this website.   Click Here

All GOTMA Affiliated Providers (GAP) are listed on this website.  Click Here


All payments must be made payable to GOTMA, Inc to receive the tax-deductible certificate. The certificate will be sent to the donor listed on the form of payment. 

PDF Donation Presentation

In the event you need to share this information we have produced a brief seven page presentation packet .  Please feel free to download the packet and use it to assist in sharing why to donate to GOTMA.  Gaining Opportunities Through Martial Arts!  

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