GOTMA was created to help individuals Gain Opportunity Through Martial Arts


About Us

Our Team

Our team at GOTMA includes 

1.  GOTMA Affiliated Providers (GAP)  GAPs are independent martial arts schools, organizations and associations that provide opportunities for individuals to participate in martial arts activities.  

2.  Our staff include recruiters for GAPs, Grant and Donor Coordinators and a cast of volunteers to make martial arts dreams of becoming a Black Belt come true.

3.  Donors and Grants.  Without or gracious donors and grants we receive none of this would be possible.

This is something no one can do alone but we can all do together.

Our History

GOTMA was started in 2011 as a project because there were too many children that needed the benefits of martial arts, yet parents, guardians, and foster parents could not afford the financial obligation.  The burden was on the school to give the lessons for free.  The burden on the school owner became too great and the decisions would have to be; no, they cannot train.  That wasn't acceptable.  These kids needed the martial arts.   So GOTMA was born.  Now the school owners’ purpose can be fulfilled, the financial obligation to keep the doors open can be fulfilled, and now the school owner can better service the communities in which they live and serve.

Our Mission

GOTMA's purpose is to unlock the potential of all children, regardless of background or limitations through the discipline of martial arts. GOTMA gives financially challenged, underprivileged, special needs, and other participants the opportunity to train or continue to train in martial arts, to participate in social events related to martial arts, and to compete in tournaments. 

GOTMA was created to help more individuals Gain Opportunity Through Martial Arts by providing Martial Arts scholarships, tuition, and tournament competition assistance. This aid includes but not limited to those from financially challenged homes, foster homes, and individuals with special needs. With your donation you will be assisting dedicated martial arts teachers to do what they do best:

Helping others reach their dreams, potential and success!


Student Looking For A Martial Arts School?

If you are looking to train in the martial arts and need financial assistance please contact one of the Approved GOTMA Affiliated Providers (GAP), contact GOTMA direct or complete the application. 

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Becoming A GOTMA Affiliated Provider (GAP)

Additional Information

GAPs are independent School owners, organizations and associations that provide opportunities for individuals to participate in martial arts activities. We help you fill the GAP between those that want to train but can't afford the tuition, want to compete and can not afford the competition, and helping the community by teaching handicable students who parents and/or guardians utilize their funds on the care and well-being of the handicable individual.  This includes new and current qualified students. 

Donate And Make A Difference


Send a Child to Martial Arts

Although many of our service providers offered scholarships before affiliating with GOTMA.  GOTMA’s aim is to increase the number of scholarships available. Martial arts training facilities are often limited in their ability to accept more students with challenges.  GOTMA is dedicated to bringing quality martial arts training to as many children as possible no matter the obstacle.  

You can help us spread this incredible time-tested method of instilling the benefits of success with your donation.  Your tax-deductible donation will enable school owners to provide service to those who are not financially capable to train. A Select group of GOTMA Affiliated Providers (GAP) train those students who are handicapable. 

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